Inclusion of all manual pages in all architecture releases

From: Fernando_ApesteguĂ­a <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 15:04:08 UTC
I don't know what list this should be sent to, apologies if the
audience is too wide.

For some time now, we have not included all manual pages in every
FreeBSD packaged release. For instance, i386 man pages are not
included in the FreeBSD amd64 distribution.

This causes a number of problems:

* The is incomplete. As an
example, it does not show results for pae(4). The reason for this is
that the cgi interface runs on FreeBSD amd64.

* In FreeBSD amd64 some manual pages have broken X-refs. See hptrr(4)
for an example.

* Also, we have broken links in our Release Notes. This is a
consequence of the first point. See

Is there a specific reason for this?