Re: amdgpu.ko crashes on Radeon Vega

From: none <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 2021 01:25:41 UTC
On Sat, May 22, 2021 07:54, Stefan Blachmann wrote:
> May I point you at the fact that FreeBSD 12's drm-kmod is taken from Linux
> 4.16.
> Linux 4.16 does afaik not yet support Vega graphics.
> Btw, this information is shown only on the Intel graphics wiki, not in
> the AMD graphics wiki, which might be the reason why you missed out
> that.
> But regarding hardware support, this applies to AMD graphics as well:
> If this is correct, the only way to make Vega graphics work is to use
> FreeBSD 13, whose drm-kmod is taken from Linux 5.4.
> P.S.:
> I usually don't post anymore on the freebsd lists, as after I
> criticized the inclusion of Wayland's libinput, pointing into the
> mouse wheel issues it introduces (and which are since then a
> long-running issue on FreeBSD also), I got moderated and it is hit and
> miss whether my posts are let through or not.

I tried running Xorg on FreeBSD 13.0R, and it just worked. I found about
this on the FreeBSD Forum.


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