Problem with USB serial connection to UPS ETA-1600-sinus

From: dmilith . <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 23:25:05 +0200

I struggle with a peculiar device that "just works" under Linux - my
ETA 1600-sinus UPS. I've tried hacking it directly and via "NUT" UPS
software - but no luck.

On Linux it's enough to set blazer_usb driver in upsc.conf and
software connects normally to the device (using Megatec protocol).

Under FreeBSD I experience crazy issues with a similar setup - after a
whole day of hacking, I start to guess it's about libusb provided with
FreeBSD 13.0 on arm64 (one I've been using).

I explained some technical details here:

If anyone has a glimpse of an idea what I may also try to get it
working… Please help

kind regards

Daniel Dettlaff
Versatile Knowledge Systems
Received on Fri Aug 20 2021 - 21:25:05 UTC

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