Thank you

From: Lucas Nali de Magalhães <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 15:57:26 -0300

I really have no words to describe how I feel but I think it's the moment to say thank you all for the hard work done on FreeBSD. After more than a year in social distancing Sars-Cov-2 with remote-work boosting like nothing else, the last few days of almost empty inbox made a strong impression in me. 

I started using this OS almost 20 years ago while looking for a more light OS and found an environment that lets me create and work on my projects due to it's permissive license. I remember to think "This time I'll learn and contribute with something." When other boxes started to crash, I also switched them to FreeBSD. They remained in use as long as possible. Most of them are too broken to use but I made a few nice experiments with one of them in this pandemic.

I plotted a few graphics in M$Excel to put the thing I see in numbers. They are in and aren't my best work. The last one came from a "table" I found in the FreeBSD site and it's the best image I got. The others are from a compilation of the data of a third party archive of these messages, this morning, that I thought be easier to parse.

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