Re: starting jails within jails using rc

From: Dan Langille <>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2021 12:56:33 -0400
James Gritton wrote on 8/15/21 12:29 PM:
> On 2021-08-14 12:59, Dan Langille wrote:
>> The problem:
>> The parent jail cannot automatically start the child jail. The child
>> jail can be started manually.
>> Running this command in the parent child succeeds: service jail start 
>> freshports
>> Why? I think it's because /etc/rc.d/jail contains:
>> # KEYWORD: nojail shutdown
>> This tells the rc system not to run the jail script if the host is a 
>> jail.
>> How can I trick it?
>> My two ideas so far:
>> * remove the keyword from the script (I've tested this; it works)
>> * duplicate the script, removing the keyword from the script
>> * mangle security.jail.jailed in the parent jail it thinks it's not in
>> a jail and runs it anyway
>> The downsides to these:
>> * the first two require I keep up to date with the jail script.
>> * the last one will have unintended consequences I'm sure, many which
>> I most likely would not like.
> Since jails with jails is a supported (though not defaulted) feature,
> I see no reason why simply removing the "nojail" keyword from the
> script shouldn't be the default.  The only cost is typical jail
> startup having to run the script to no effect, but the rc system is
> already built of dozens of such seldom-used scripts.

I had not considered a patch until now.


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