[Bug 267915] x11-wm/mutter: after graphics/mesa-* 21.3.8 -> 22.2.3 update OpenGL compositing fails on Intel Iris Pro

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2024 11:01:19 UTC

--- Comment #22 from steveh <stevehso51@gmail.com> ---
For anyone else reading this, in a nutshell, the bug is that switching to
another VT once the gui is running kills GPU hardware acceleration and forces
the system to fall back to an unaccelerated software driver. In my testing I
found this has various consequences depending on what program is being run; I
found it is pathological for watching a video fullscreen with mpv, in which
case you are locked out of the desktop until the video ends with no way to
recover; that was the most severe adverse consequence I have seen so far; of
course my testing is not exhaustive.

The bug also happens on suspend-resume, at least on my machine. I found after a
resume, restarting the X server by logging out and back in was enough to get
hardware accel working again. Whereas following a manual VT switch, the only
reliable way to get accel working was a full reboot. But maybe I just got lucky
with the suspend-resume case.

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