[Bug 276478] Mk/*: Build with a clean environment

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Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2024 13:32:14 UTC

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textproc/mxml 3.3.1

textproc/mxml: Update to 3.3.1

Also add a patch to fix a bounds check problem:

When writing XML data into a buffer a pointer is used to keep track of the
current position.  When the end of the buffer is reached the writing stops but
the pointer continues to be incremented to determine how many bytes would have
been written had the buffer been large enough.  The problem is that the bounds
check that stops the writing did not handle the case where a large amount of
data causes the pointer to wrap around to 0.  This can happen for example when
the buffer is allocated on the stack and the stack is close to the end of the
address space.

This should fix audio/zynaddsubfx.  The new build environment is smaller,
thereby causing the buffer mentioned above to be allocated closer to the end of
the address space on FreeBSD i386.

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