maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 265557] devel/glade (3.38.2_1): Adding option for gtk-doc and the GladeUI catalog

From: <>
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2022 20:53:57 UTC
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Bug 265557: devel/glade (3.38.2_1): Adding option for gtk-doc and the GladeUI

--- Description ---
This diff is based on the changeset 740508e0e52a in git @ FreeBSD ports
circa 2022-04-08 05:00:14 +0000 for the devel/glade port 3.38.2_1

Options added:

- DOCS: Build and install the Glade User Interface Designer Reference

  This documentation will be available in GNOME Devhelp and in the
  filesystem at the path ${PREFIX}/share/gtk-doc/html/gladeui-2

- GLADEUI: Build and install the GladeUI catalog (catalog XML and module)

  This catalog may be of use when creating Glade catalogs.

  With the GJS and PYTHON features enabled respectively, this catalog
  support can be used for widgets written in JavaScript (GJS) and for
  widgets written in Python.

  Some further documentation is available about the GJS support for
  glade catalogs, by Juan Pablo

  For Glade support with GIR in Python, documentation is available in
  the Glade reference manual

The Glade project's NEWS file will be installed under the DOCS
option. This changeset adds the file to pkg-plist for the DOCS

gtk-doc files installed with DOCS option will be added to the plist
dynamically, from add-plist-docs

This changeset also adds the GladeUI catalog XML and GladeUI catalog
module to the plist, under the GLADEUI option.