Re: Ports with version numbers going backwards: deskutils/gnome-clocks, devel/ph...

From: Torsten Zuehlsdorff <>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2022 21:44:56 UTC

this grepped my attention, since i had not touched them. ;)

> - *devel/php74-intl* <>: php74-intl-7.4.28_1 < php74-intl-7.4.28_2
>    (master: lang/php74)
> - *devel/php80-intl* <>: php80-intl-8.0.17_1 < php80-intl-8.0.17_2
>    (master: lang/php80)
> - *devel/php81-intl* <>: php81-intl-8.1.4_1 < php81-intl-8.1.4_2
>    (master: lang/php81)

In case of PHP 8.0 example its the result of 3 different people support 
the port. pkubaj and mfechner added _1 and _2 to lang/php80. jbeich 
added _1 to php80-intl.

Nobody of them did something wrong on there own and make everything correct!

Its a great example of the complexity of master/slave ports and other 
constructs. And i am not even sure if this will cause any error (likely 
not?). I personally would leave them alone and fix them with the next 

Any idea about how to prevent atomic correct commits resulting in wrong 
overall port-states?