Evolution mail: Deleted Items folder behavior

From: Bridger Dyson-Smith <bdysonsmith_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 18:31:48 UTC
Hi all -

Thanks for your time and trouble making Evolution available. I'm having two
issues that may be related:
1. I can't seem to expunge items in the Deleted Items folder (e.g. right
clicking on the folder doesn't show an 'Expunge' option)
2. Expunge (Folder > Expunge) doesn't seem to work in any case.

I'm using Evolution to interact with an Office 365 account, so I'm using
the evolution-ews package as well.

) pkg info -q | grep evolution

I'm wondering if I'm just missing an additional library (or configuration
step), as I also use Evolution on a Void Linux install. It's running a
slightly older version (same packages but v3.40.2) but doesn't exhibit the
same problem.

Does anyone have any advice for what can I do to try fixing this? Thanks in
advance for your help.