Proposed Github Pull Request Policy

From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 02:12:29 UTC

I'd like to put some parameters around the pull requests on github. To that
end, I'd like us to consider the following policy:

In general, pull requests should be small, easily reviewable and solve real
problems. The pull requests should be small enough that developers can look
at them and decide quickly if the request should be (a) committed (b)
revised or (c) rejected.

To that end:

Please limit pull requests to about 200 or so lines of changes, spread
across no more than 10 commits. Each independent change should get a new
pull request (though groups of closely related changes should be in one).
Subitter should be responsive to feedback. The pull requests should be
changes that are ready to land in the tree (or nearly so, based on review).

Pull requests shouldn't expand in scope in response to feedback: If the
feedback suggests a new series of changes, please create a new pull

Do not submit 'omnibus' branches that have no unifying theme.

Please respect requests to take reviews to phabricator, and close the pull
request on github when you do that.

Please do not submit pull requests that don't conform to these guidelines
unless you have a good reason, like:
(1) You are arranging with others to do the review on github.
(2) The review is a poor fit for phabricator, but a good fit for github

Idle pull requests that are outside of these guidelines will be closed.