[Bug 247108] www/firefox: consistently chooses wrong applications to open files

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Date: Wed, 17 May 2023 06:26:42 UTC

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> Not Enough Information

I still use seamonkey-2.49.4_27... 🤣

It seems that we have already reached similar information, but in gecko
browsers, these seem to be affected by xdg-utils.
For example, in the case of some pdf, the one that appears by typing the
following command becomes the default.

xdg-mime query filetype some.pdf # <- for getting mimetype, will get
xdg-mime query default application/pdf

Information related to these is stored in /usr/local/share/{applications,mime}
and in ~/.local/share/{applications,mime}.

I thought I touched these when the behavior around seamonkey's helper
application got weird.
That was a long time ago, so I forgot about it :)
I don't know because I haven't touched Firefox deeply now, but is this still
the same?

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