[Bug 260901] www/firefox dom.ipc.processCount, fission.autostart, dom.ipc.processCount.webIsolated, numbers of processes and impact on performance

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Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 07:03:45 UTC

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Screenshot: 2023-05-28, fission enabled, dom.ipc.processCount.webIsolated 4
(the default)

(In reply to Graham Perrin from comment #2)

> … an effort to reduce the impact on performance, …

From <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1742892#c12> (2021-12-07): 

> … can't limit the total number of content processes Fission will use, 
> but you can limit the number of content processes Fission will use 
> per site by setting the dom.ipc.processCount.webIsolated pref (the 
> default is 4). …

𠄣– and: 

> … I think the memory overhead of each content process is only about 
> 20 KB, so there is really not much benefit to decreasing 
> dom.ipc.processCount.webIsolated.

I don't intend to reopen this bug report, but I see nothing like 20 KB in the
attached screenshot.

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