maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 264602] mail/thunderbird, www/firefox: emoji and text overlapping

From: <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 18:36:56 UTC
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Bug 264602: mail/thunderbird, www/firefox: emoji and text overlapping

--- Description ---

Since a few months, Thunderbird messes up the display of messages containing
emoji: text and emoji overlap, like if the program forgot to space the text
accordingly. See the attached picture for examples.

The emoji font used is x11-fonts/twemoji-color-font-ttf (installed
automatically as a dependency of LibreOffice). Removing this font results in no
emoji displayed in Thunderbird anymore, although x11-fonts/noto-emoji is also

Firefox is affected by the same problem, if twemoji is the only emoji font
installed. The problem appeared simultaneously on both Mozillas, both were
using twemoji without issues before. However the difference here is that
Firefox does use noto-emoji when available and rendering is still ok when using
that font.

See my related post on the Forums to see how different Firefox behaves with
twemoji versus noto-emoji:

I'm using latest packages on 13.1-STABLE amd64.