[Bug 260901] www/firefox dom.ipc.processCount 8 but maybe more than eight such processes

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Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2022 06:46:22 UTC

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Screenshot: a Tree Style Tab view of various representations of non-loaded

>   -- maybe only if no favicon is apparent before the click to load.

Attached: a copy of my screenshot from 

I should not complicate this bug 260901, however it's worth noting (from 

>> I'm getting duplication of tabs in recent days, difficult to 
>> diagnose, but I'm slowly gaining the impression that it occurs:
>> * only if the tab is without a favicon when clicked for the 
>>   first time (after the Firefox startup routine finishes 
>>   opening previous windows and tabs).
>> I have been unable to refine the bug to any particular extension, 
>> or combination of extensions.
>> I began wondering whether the issue is with Firefox, then found my 
>> April 2021 issue 2880 involving duplication (closed, 
>> not a TST issue), then found this duplication-related issue 
>> #2845 with the    Firefox-issue    label.

Note: duplication also occurs when extensions 
      other than Tree Style Tab are in the sidebar 
      and are used to load tabs.


 * if there is _truly_ a performance-related bug involving an 
   excess of processes

 * and if the excesses are a consequence of the duplication 
   described above

 * is it possible that some combination of extensions triggers
   this bug 260901?

On one hand: I do have an unusually large number of extensions enabled. 

On the other hand: I should not expect the design of (upstream) Firefox to
allow any extension to cause loss of effectiveness of recommended performance

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