[Bug 257639] www/firefox: broken mic in WebRTC in 91.0

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Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 18:10:14 UTC

Evgeniy Khramtsov <evgeniy@khramtsov.org> changed:

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--- Comment #8 from Evgeniy Khramtsov <evgeniy@khramtsov.org> ---
Can you bisect?


Use "git am":
https://codeberg.org/ei/ports/commit/127e276.patch (revert)
https://codeberg.org/ei/ports/commit/c0cd4b4.patch (revert)
https://codeberg.org/ei/ports/commit/7c85f1a.patch (revert)
https://codeberg.org/ei/ports/commit/f02827e.patch (speed up build)
https://codeberg.org/ei/ports/commit/3b85790.patch (switch to tags)

Bisect by overriding DISTNAME with mozilla-central tags; do 'make makesum'
to update distinfo, and build tags until you find first good and bad tags.
You likely will not need to update patches in files/, and any updates are
likely to be minor (rebase due to line number change, etc). CCACHE can be
used, but I've never tried this and don't know if it works:

Go down from FIREFOX_BETA_91_BASE to FIREFOX_BETA_90_BASE using binary search.
I don't remember hg good enough to paste commands to automate searching, and
I can't bisect this myself due to custom setup.

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