[Bug 257639] www/firefox: broken mic in WebRTC in 91.0

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2021 13:51:41 UTC

--- Comment #20 from Evgeniy Khramtsov <evgeniy@khramtsov.org> ---
(In reply to VVD from comment #19)

> Don't think so

Passing non-versioned OS target triple results in Clang targeting older FreeBSD
for Rust crates, so questioning whether the omitted patch helped is relevant.

www/firefox is not reproducible (embeds build date), so the only way to check
is to either
compare binaries with sysutils/py-diffoscope (tedious) or do a runtime test
without ports dcc587e70 again.

Some notes about "quiet build failures":

1. bsd.gecko.mk starting with ports 912a7b12e4e passes
"LDFLAGS+=-Wl,--as-needed", which is not the upstream default and remains
disabled for e.g. Mozilla widget wrapper:

I use locally patched Firefox to build without X11, and the use of
"-Wl,--as-needed" in ports exposed runtime linking issues with Mozilla wrapper
for me:

LD_DEBUG=libs firefox
calling init function for /usr/local/lib/firefox/libxul.so at 0x1e1432bb82c0
dlopen_object name "<null>" fd -1 refobj "/usr/local/bin/firefox" lo_flags 0x2
mode 0x1

Vanilla Firefox in ports also has linking issues that are not immediately
exposed via build failure: 

$ rg 'undefined symbol' firefox-93.0,2.log
28966:ld: warning: undefined symbol: environ
28975:ld: warning: undefined symbol: epoll_shim_write
28983:ld: warning: undefined symbol: eventfd
28987:ld: warning: undefined symbol: epoll_shim_read
28995:ld: warning: undefined symbol: epoll_shim_close

$SOMEONE yet to check if ports dcc587e70 is related to this issue.

> Do you want to keep this PR open till www/firefox-esr moved to 91 and fixed?

Yes, 91 including the next ESR 91 is still affected.

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