[Bug 256485] www/firefox: Crashing tabs since upgrade to 89

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Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2021 05:57:05 +0000

--- Comment #3 from Ashish SHUKLA <ashish_at_FreeBSD.org> ---
I'm not at my FreeBSD host, and grabbed this information yesterday (list of all
x11-fonts/* ports installed) to share with a colleague:

λ pkg info -oa |awk '/x11-fonts/ { print $2; }' |cut -d/ -f2 |xargs -n 10
andika gentium-basic gentium-plus inconsolata-lgc-ttf alef alegreya-sans
anomaly-mono anonymous-pro b612 bitstream-vera
cantarell-fonts cascadia-code comfortaa-ttf comic-neue consolamono-ttf
courier-prime croscorefonts-fonts-ttf crosextrafonts-caladea-ttf
crosextrafonts-carlito-ttf dejavu
droid-fonts-ttf encodings exo fantasque-sans-mono fcft fira firacode
font-adobe-100dpi font-adobe-75dpi font-adobe-utopia-100dpi
font-adobe-utopia-75dpi font-adobe-utopia-type1 font-alias font-arabic-misc
font-awesome font-bh-100dpi font-bh-75dpi font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi font-bh-ttf
font-bh-type1 font-bitstream-100dpi font-bitstream-75dpi font-bitstream-type1
font-cronyx-cyrillic font-cursor-misc font-daewoo-misc font-dec-misc
font-ibm-type1 font-isas-misc
font-jis-misc font-micro-misc font-misc-cyrillic font-misc-ethiopic
font-misc-meltho font-misc-misc font-mutt-misc font-schumacher-misc
font-screen-cyrillic font-sony-misc
font-sun-misc font-util font-winitzki-cyrillic font-xfree86-type1 fontconfig
gofont-ttf google-fonts hack-font hanazono-fonts-ttf hermit
inconsolata-ttf indic-ttf iosevka jetbrains-mono lato libFS libXfont libXfont2
libXft liberation-fonts-ttf
libfontenc linuxlibertine linuxlibertine-g manrope mkfontscale monoid
montecarlo_fonts montserrat mourier moveable-type-fonts
nerd-fonts noto-basic noto-emoji noto-jp noto-kr open-sans open-sans-ttf
oxygen-fonts pcf2bdf plex-ttf
powerline-fonts profont proggy_fonts-ttf roboto-fonts-ttf sourcecodepro-ttf
sourcesanspro-ttf sourceserifpro-ttf spleen steps-mono stix-fonts
sudo-font terminus-font terminus-ttf twemoji-color-font-ttf ubuntu-font
victor-mono-ttf vollkorn-ttf vtfontcvt-ng webfonts xorg-fonts
xorg-fonts-100dpi xorg-fonts-75dpi xorg-fonts-cyrillic xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps
xorg-fonts-truetype xorg-fonts-type1

Please note that google-fonts itself provides ~5000 files

I'll provide output of your command later today.


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