[Bug 257419] lang/rust: panic on armv7 at 'capacity overflow', library/alloc/src/raw_vec.rs:546:5

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 12:28:03 UTC

--- Comment #6 from Robert Clausecker <fuz@fuz.su> ---
(In reply to Jan Beich from comment #4)

> - Build lang/rust WITH_DEBUG=1 then run with RUST_BACKTRACE=full to get readable stacktrace

Can do that, but it'll take me a while to get to that point.  A full rust build
takes a lot of time and at the same time, the machine in question is currently
busy building all quarterly packages so I can feed updates to my remaining
armv7 machines.

> - Test all lang/rust consumers (150 according to freshports) in order to identify other affected ports

Can you attach a list of all rust consumers to this issue so I can feed them to
Poudriere?  Alternatively, tell me how to generate such a list.  Due to the
nature of this failure condition, systematically testing for it requires some
hand holding as the log file explosion causes Poudriere to spend a potentially
unbounded time just grepping the log files for standard error sources,
regardless of how high I set the runaway timeout.

> armv7 is missing on https://www.freebsd.org/internal/machines/ and uses qemu-user-static (QEMU_EMULATING in poudriere log) on https://pkg-status.freebsd.org/ while riscv64 is not supported by lang/rust yet.

It is possible to build armv7 ports on arm64 machines in an armv7 jail.  In
fact, I use just this mechanism to build the armv7 packages.

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