[Bug 257063] archivers/star: Do not install 'gnutar' for it is broken

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Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2021 13:47:43 UTC

Jörg Schilling <schily@schily.net> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Jörg Schilling <schily@schily.net> ---
The problem is that firefox seems to use an incorrect GNU tar command line.

Non-standard options like --exclude need to appear after the TAR key letter -c

The background is that GNU tar claims to implement a 100% TAR compatible CLI
and TAR does not use a standard option parser to parse the options.
Unfortunately, GNU tar is wrong with it's claims....and implements a CLI that
is very different from the original TAR CLI.

In order to support the official TAR CLI, star calls a function that modifies
the command line in a way that it later may be parsed by a standard option

Option parsing in GNU tar always was a big problem ans many user still complain
about problems they observe because of the strange option parsing in GNU tar.

If recent GNU tar versions changed their behaviour and firefox adopted to that,
this seems to be a firefox problem.

BTW: GNU tar is never installed as "gnutar". This is why the name "gnutar" has
been selected by star to switch to the GNU tar CLI.

So my proposal:

Either change firefox to have the non-standard options like --exclude appear
late in the command line, or tell firefox to look for "gnutar" last, but never

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