Upsizing a ZFS filesystem - shift question

From: joe mcguckin <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 11:32:27 -0700
I have an existing 32TB filesystem (2 X 8T vdevs). I want to upgrade each of the drives to 16TB. I pulled one drive and tried a ‘zfs replace’ comand, but zfs replied with some message about new drive
optimal ashift doesn’t match the vdev. It suggested Retrying  the ‘replace’ command with ‘zfs replace -o ashift=N’

Ok, a little investigation shows the existing filesystem has an ashift of 9. These are older 2T drives with 512 byte sectors. The newer drives are 4kn sectors.

Is ashift settable on a drive by drive basis? Can I temporarily set ashift on a drive until all the drives in a vdev have been replaced?  Once all drives have been replaced, how do I set ashift=12 for all the drives in the vdev?

After replacing all the drives, will the additional space magicially appear or is there an additional command or series of steps?



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