[Bug 147881] [zfs] [patch] ZFS "sharenfs" doesn't allow different "exports" options for different hosts

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Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 13:16:10 +0000

--- Comment #20 from Richard S. Conto <Richard.Conto_at_gmail.com> ---
I've abandoned it.  My use-case no longer applies.

Given the limits expressed in this discussion - a technical limitation on the
length of ZFS property value lengths, and a political reluctance to allow
self-documenting configurations, if I were to re-implement this, I'd do this
entirely outside of ZFS as it'd be a FreeBSD-only solution anyway.

A generic "share export builder" tool, like "rebuilder" for firewall rules,
that would implement a common configuration format and produce appropriate
configurations for FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris - for NFS, NFS4, CIFS, et. al. comes
to mind - and would likely be a dead-end.

The classic "exports" format is crufty.  The inability to share
filesystems/paths that contain whitespace was tolerable in a teletype focused
world 40 years ago. Continuing to support that old format is not the same thing
as supporting ONLY that old format, but the later is where we're at.

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