[Bug 256712] UFS: kernel panic: ffs_blkfree_cg: freeing free frag – in response to pkg-delete(8) soon after login

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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 06:37:41 +0000

--- Comment #22 from Graham Perrin <grahamperrin_at_gmail.com> ---
Earlier this month, I had a quite different test case with these criteria: 

a) soft updates disabled

b) sync _not_ set in /etc/fstab

Following interruption whilst installing a package, or packages, the base
system was broken in that things such as /bin/sh and /sbin/fsck were unusable
in single user mode (and so, no automated check). Whilst subsequent repairs
yielded a file system that was marked clean, the base system remained
essentially unusable. 

Please: should I open a separate bug for this? Or is breakage a (rare but
explicable) possibility with the combination of those two criteria?


man 8 mount

> …
> noasync
>   Metadata I/O should be done synchronously, while data I/O
>   should be done asynchronously.  This is the default.
> …

mentions "… no guarantee for a consistent state of the file system If there is
a failure during an operation that updated large amounts of meta-data, …" 

* in the context of    async
* but not in the context of    noasync

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