Re: ZFS pool export question

From: Alan Somers <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 18:06:10 -0600
On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 5:58 PM joe mcguckin <> wrote:

> I want to have a disk that I can transfer files between ZFS systems. I
> created a pool with one disk:
> zpool create xfer da9
> Ok, everything seems to be ok. This is a drive that had a GPT label and 1
> freebsd-zfs partition labelled with the drives serial number.
> I want to remove the drive;
> zfs umount /xfer
> zpool export xfer
> Now I get error messages about a damaged and possible unrecoveracle GPT
> label.
> Am I going about this in the right way? I can’t simpply remove the drive
> after unmounting it, then ZFS prints errors about a failed VDEV.
> Help obi-wan…

When you created the pool, you used the whole disk "da9", not the first
partition "da9p1".  So ZFS overwrote the GPT label.  But GPT keeps a backup
label in a location that ZFS didn't overwrite, which is why you now have a
"damaged" GPT label instead of a "nonexistent" one.  If you really want to
have a GPT-formatted disk, you should destroy your pool, recover the label
with "gpart recover da9", then recreate the pool.  Or, you can just forget
about GPT; you don't need it.  To do that, do "gpart destroy -F da9".  That
might also wipe out one of your ZFS labels; I'm not sure.  But like GPT,
ZFS keeps redundant copies of the label.  Oh, it's also unnecessary to do
"zfs umount" each time.  "zpool export" will do that automatically.
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