Re: Issues with NFS RPC

From: Adam Stylinski <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2021 00:03:15 UTC
> Just to clarify...the patch in the PR reverts r367492 (the commit that
caused the breakage). It should apply cleanly to a releng13.0 kernel.

Right, I wasn't referring to the attached patch but rather the referenced
patch in stable.  The patch seems to remove some manual OR'ing of flags in
place of some helper functions that presumably do the same thing.  I
figured rather than reverting a performance improvement I'd apply the fix
to make it work :).

Another thing I had noticed is the winbind instance running with samba had
periodic messages with _their_ RPC complaining about this:
> winbindd[2053]: [2021/07/01 14:06:12.158479,  0]

Perhaps related to this TCP bug, perhaps not.