Re: Various unprotected accesses to buf and vnode

From: Alexander Lochmann <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2021 20:53:19 +0200
On 27.08.21 20:40, Konstantin Belousov wrote:
>> - Read of buf.b_blkno in cluster_write():
>> According to the documentation b_lock is needed.
>> Is b_blkno maybe a read-only element of struct buf?
> No, b_blkno is not read-only, it is the disk block number for the block,
> as opposed to b_lbklno which is logical file block number.  The buffer
> is instantiated with b_blkno == b_lblkno, and when the buffer is mapped
> to the real disk block, b_blkno is updated.
> Could you show me the backtrace of the situation where cluster_write()
> is called with unlocked buffer?
If you don't mind, you can find them here:
(Pls ignore the line 'Hypothesis 1: ....'.)
>> - Write to vnode.v_bufobj.bo_object:
>> According to the documentation, '[...] the vnode lock which embeds the
>> bufobj' is needed. However, interlock is taken in line 276.
>> Is the interlock equivalent to the vnode lock?
>> (I assume 'the vnode lock' refers to vnode.v_lock.)
> vnode_pager_alloc() must be called with the vnode exclusively locked.
> This is asserted at the beginning of the function.
Yeah, I see that check: ASSERT_VOP_LOCKED(vp, "vnode_pager_alloc");.
However, our data says otherwise: According to our trace, the shared 
lock is taken.
You may have a look at 
'EMBSAME(vnode.v_lock[r])' refers to the shared vnode lock.
A click on each lock description, e.g., EMBSAME(vnode.v_lock[r]), leads 
to the code where it was taken.
(Pls ignore the line 'Hypothesis 1: ....'.)
>> - Is buf.b_bufobj a read-only element?
> You should scope the question.
> While buffer is owned by a vnode, b_bufobj is constant.  Since buffers are
> type-stable, they migrate between vnodes as cache finds it required to
> reclaim and reuse.  There, b_bufobj is changed.
I'm referring to getdirtybuf(): msleep(&bp->b_xflags, 
BO_LOCKPTR(bp->b_bufobj),PRIBIO | PDROP, "getbuf", 0);

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