How to stay current with Elixir?

From: Pat Maddox <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 04:23:51 UTC
Hi there,

We are evaluating FreeBSD for deploying our Elixir applications. We tend 
to use the latest available Elixir release.

I am just getting familiar with FreeBSD’s over all process. My 
understanding is that packages are in quarterly and latest branches.

I noticed that when 1.12.3 was released, the elixir port was updated 
only a few weeks later, and was available via pkg install. That may be 
because it was released on Sep 30 
the last day of the quarter.

If I were to submit a patch to update elixir to 1.13.4, would it only be 
available in main through the end of June, after which it would make it 
into quarterly?

We likely prefer quarterly for most of our packages, but would want a 
current elixir. I’m wondering how we can best accomplish that - 
whether it’s possible with pkg, or if we should consider using asdf to 
install erlang and elixir, or some other approach.