Re: GPIO on Fintek and Nuvoton Super I/O

From: Stephane Rochoy <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 08:35:28 UTC
Stephane Rochoy <> writes:

> I would like to draw some attention on two patches I recently
> submitted: ftgpio[1] and nctgpio[2]. Both are adding support to
> Super I/O chips:
> - ftgpio: Add support for Fintek F81865 Super I/O's GPIO
> - nctgpio: Refactor and add support for NCT6779, NCT6116D and
> Winbond 83627DHG
> The 2nd patch, about Nuvoton chips, would especially require 
> some
> attention as they're a bit more tricky than the others.
> [1]
> [2]


This patches were submitted last year ;)

More seriously, is there something I can do to have them reviewed
and merged? I picked reviewers based on commit history, but maybe
I'm still missing the right people? Should I cross post to a more
crowded list, like freebsd-hackers@?

St├ęphane Rochoy
O: Stormshield