Improvements for the future FreeBSD Handbook

From: Kolusion K <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024 04:09:12 UTC

I have been reading the current FreeBSD Handbook. Much of it is straight the point which I appreciate, but I have found a substantial amount of irrelevant information in it. For example, the document includes sections Third Edition, Second Edition (2004), and First Edition (2001). These sections cover new concepts introduced in previous editions of the FreeBSD Handbook, but they are not part of the abstract of the current FreeBSD Handbook and therefore they don't serve the current FreeBSD Handbook any purpose.

I have noticed there is a severe quality control problem with the FreeBSD Handbook in which it appears people haven't tested it to confirm its in line with implementation. So, I think there should be a quality control process for the next publication where sections of the book be given to people to test and confirm implementation. I'd volunteer to be one of these people.

Also, I think someones going to have to proof read the FreeBSD handbook back to back to get an overall picture of it because there is a lot of contradiction in it. It will be a big job. The FreeBSD Foundation might have to pay someone a reasonable amount to do it, but I think the result would be worth it.

I suggest the future FreeBSD Handbook include a relevancy in its names because the FreeBSD Handbook of yesterday isn't the FreeBSD handbook of today and there isn't a indicator on the face of it to indicate its relevancy. I suggest the naming scheme be intuitive, so, for FreeBSD 15-RELEASE, I'd call the handbook the FreeBSD 15-RELEASE Handbook.

Also, there is a problem with the current FreeBSD Handbook where both the fourth edition and third edition sections claim to be the current version of the FreeBSD Handbook. Cringe.