Clearly explain images

From: Kolusion K <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024 00:50:49 UTC

When I was obtaining FreeBSD I didn't know if I had to download the CD image or the DVD image. I tried to find an explanation but it doesn't exist. I had to take a 'lucky shot' and download the one I thought was the one for my needs. Luckily it was the right one, but if it hadn't been then I would have walked away from FreeBSD because my time is valuable.

And this:

What the hell is this? There is no clear explanation of what each file is, which can be confusing for some people. I felt it made FreeBSD look lazy, pathetic and out of touch. This is a very bad thing for gaining new users.

I propose making the download page give: a clear explanation of each image; the image size; a description of the image, and; a download button. I.E.:

Instead of this...

FreeBSD-14.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso	1139748864	2023-Nov-10 09:25

Make it like this...

CD image
Typically used for a minimal installation of FreeBSD.
123 MB
[Download now]