Non-existent system requirements

From: Kolusion K <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024 00:16:51 UTC

The FreeBSD Handbook has a problem where section 2.2. Minimum Hardware Requirements states the hardware architectures and devices supported by a FreeBSD release are listed on the FreeBSD Release Information page. There is three problems with this:

1. The release information page doesn't list hardware requirements.

2. Knowing if my USB Wi-Fi adapter is a supported device is not a hardware requirement. Knowing how much RAM and storage space I'll need is a system requirement - this information doesn't exist in the release information.

3. The minimum hardware requirements should be in the FreeBSD Handbook. That's the whole point of section 2.2. Minimum Hardware Requirements.

Having to go elsewhere for system requirement information when I was following the installation section of the FreeBSD Handbook was a crap experience for me. I felt FreeBSD was scattered and didn't have its act together.

Having the system requirements in the FreeBSD Handbook would increase reliability. The party responsible for the release notes didn't include it and as a result caused a problem for the FreeBSD Handbook.