Commercial: updates (and other doc pull requests to be moved away from the FreeBSD organisation) (was:

From: Graham Perrin <>
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 10:29:11 UTC
Works in progress that were prematurely closed (the request for me, 
alone, to move all FreeBSD-specific doc PRs away from the FreeBSD 
organisation) included:


> Commercial: updates 
Some overlap with 
<>, which 
remains open:

> 270727 – commercial/hardware/: partial update

Readers are welcome to continue work on the above, although work on PR 
244 for FreeBSD should be elsewhere.


Concerning the request to move away from the FreeBSD organisation: as 
noted, prior to the request, I'm not aware of a relevant 'move' feature 
for PRs in GitHub.

For GitLab, a comparable feature was suggested six years ago. Bug 273244 
is updated with reference to