[Bug 258264] Following handbook on nvidia drivers makes system get stuck on boot.

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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 06:23:14 UTC

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--- Comment #12 from Stefan B. <sblachmann@gmail.com> ---
Graham Perrin told me here
https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/why-its-so-complicated.84408/post-560016 to
add information.

In general, for all drivers >340 the correct way is to load nvidia-modeset in
/boot/loader.conf. (Source is the Nvidia README, confirmed by my experience.)
Loading it only later (via /etc/rc.conf) can cause several issues, like
xrandr/EDID not working correctly, problems with suspend/resume etc.

However there are issues with the UEFI boot code which reportedly cause hangs
due to insufficient free memory, which causes problems when nvidia.ko is being
pulled in by nvidia-modeset. I don't know about details, as I avoid using UEFI
whenever possible.

So it depends on whether and when these UEFI loader issues are solved in the
particular FreeBSD version, whether nvidia-modeset can be loaded via
/boot/loader.conf (optimum) or has to be loaded via /etc/rc.conf (suboptimal

The handbook nvidia section is of no use, as it is completely out of date and
no help at all for FreeBSD newcomers. It even still mentions driver-304, which
has been defunct since 2017 due Xorg ABI changes.

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