Re:_Posting_Netiquette_[ref:_Threads_"look_defi nitely_like"_unreadable_mess._Handbook_project.]

From: Baptiste Daroussin <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 14:41:19 UTC

Le 24 juin 2022 18:19:49 GMT+02:00, Chris <> a écrit :
>On 2022-06-23 01:14, grarpamp wrote:
>>>> the “> ;† and leave empty lines between your text and the original
>>> Seems there is a charset mismatch.
>>> MUA displaying nonsense
>>> Oh the joy of UTF-8... ;-)
>> The pages ...
>> ... are intermixing standard ASCII double quotes with questionably
>> gratuitous choice of using left and right double quotes via UTF-8,
>> which then may get slaughtered by non UTF-8 enabled cut-paste,
>> systems, lists, gui's, desktops, apps, and MUAs along the way.
>> A proper page would need to add a number of the missing
>> email formatting netiquettes (such as no HTML), and actual
>> photo examples of former bad chaos and new good result, etc...
>> to be considered a good format, subject, and addressing
>> netiquette guide rule page.
>> Consider if "FreeBSD Articles" is best hier for a page that
>> may becoming more often directly linked or included into
>> prospective list user's signup clickstream, quarterly admin,
>> friendly cluebat hints, etc.
>What is the possibility of getting the/a "netiquette" link in
>the FreeBSD Mailinglist footer that is already appended to all
>the messages? This would only be a small addition, with a quick/
>easy reference to the subject at hand.
>Just my .2¢

Resending with my address which is subscribed to the lists ;)

The possibility is none it will break dkim signature, we should not alter emails beside their headers.

Best regards,