Re: Posting Netiquette [ref: Threads "look definitely like" unreadable mess. Handbook project.]

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 08:14:40 UTC
>> the “> ;† and leave empty lines between your text and the original

> Seems there is a charset mismatch.
> MUA displaying nonsense
> Oh the joy of UTF-8... ;-)

The pages ...

... are intermixing standard ASCII double quotes with questionably
gratuitous choice of using left and right double quotes via UTF-8,
which then may get slaughtered by non UTF-8 enabled cut-paste,
systems, lists, gui's, desktops, apps, and MUAs along the way.

Perhaps smack the typeset within all pages back down to ASCII,
except where no standard ASCII convention is available to
substitute for symbols, ie: (c) is the fine sub for ©,
and ASCII still fits within UTF-8 meta declarations, which may
be needed for ₿ which has no ASCII substitute, and of
course for presenting non ASCII languages.

And perhaps systems can consider enabling UTF-8 if needed
to render and handle things like ₿, say for whenever foundation
gets to accepting those easy donations and crowdfunding.

No idea what the ';' in the '“> ;”' is doing there for.

A proper page would need to add a number of the missing
email formatting netiquettes (such as no HTML), and actual
photo examples of former bad chaos and new good result, etc...
to be considered a good format, subject, and addressing
netiquette guide rule page.

Consider if "FreeBSD Articles" is best hier for a page that
may becoming more often directly linked or included into
prospective list user's signup clickstream, quarterly admin,
friendly cluebat hints, etc.

And it's mostly written to apply only to -questions
when it should be completely agnostic.

So the pages may be currently serving lesser preventive
or curative use as far as lists could go.

> Unless there is a good reason to do otherwise, reply to the sender
> and to FreeBSD-questions.

Well for subscription-required-to-post lists, only list-reply
is needed... which also follows address line bloat minimization,
reduces personal reply issues, reduces "Stop copying me
direct when I'm on list", etc.

> Arguably these recommendations should be separated out into their own page.

Such soley dedicated content would make the page easier
for people to link to wherever such reference is needed.
The current pages don't, and they're bleeding [partially] duplicated
and differing guidance content across each other.

If the page was good enough, it would get picked up
by search engines and other projects.

[-current, and even -questions, could probably be dropped
now, for -doc, or wherever else is best.]