Posting Netiquette [ref: Threads "look definitely like" unreadable mess. Handbook project.]

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 19:41:39 UTC
Around 6/2x/22, Many <people@where.ever> rammed their horribly formed
msgs upon others to parse:
> [Subject: MCE: Does this look possibly like a slot issue?]
> [snip]

Attention all list users...
Stop top-posting and bulk-quoting.
Just stop.
Go search and learn about and use the email post formatting netiquette.
For decades agreed reasons, please, just go learn and use those rules.
Your comms peers, the efficiency of the hive, the utility of archives
and search engines, and more... all thank you in advance.

Emails looking rather messy lately, just look at the photos,
improve that by raising awareness and examples of better...

FreeBSD needs to add an entire section on the
email post formatting netiquette to the Handbook,
and link it on the List Subscription pages, and in the List Welcome
emails, and even in quarterly automated administrivia post to all lists.

Make Reading Easy Again :)

[Cc'd until postmaster makes Bcc on lists work, so that useful
inclusions for others awareness can occur while maintaining
threading and helping minimize braindead cross-repliers.]