[Bug 264501] Syllabification in Documentation

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2022 16:03:28 UTC

            Bug ID: 264501
           Summary: Syllabification in Documentation
           Product: Documentation
           Version: Latest
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Many People
          Priority: ---
         Component: Manual Pages
          Assignee: bugs@FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: CrazyMihey@Ya.Ru
                CC: doc@FreeBSD.org

Some Bad-Syllabification were Found in Man Pages of «General Commands»/«FreeBSD
13.1-Release and Ports»/«BC» (Command-Line Calculator).
Beacose of Page-Width Limitations «-» is used
 1. Ambiguity in «SYNOPSIS» Section: It is not obvious about Correct Name of
the Key: «--math-lib» or  «--mathlib».
 2. Broken Link in «DESCRIPTION» Section:
   2.1. «https://pubs.open-» must be
 3. Broken Link in «SYNTAX» Section:
   3.1. «https://pubs.opengroup.org/on-» must be
 4. The same as above ↑ in «SYNTAX/Operators» Section.
 5. The same as above ↑ in «LIBRARY/Standard Library» Section.
 6. The same as above ↑ in «LIBRARY/Extended Library» Section.
 7. Broken Link in «LIBRARY/Extended Library» Section in Functions «r», «ceil»:
   7.1. Function «r(x, p)»:
        «https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round-» must be
   7.2. Function «ceil(x, p)»
        «https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round-» must be
 8. Broken Link in «LIBRARY/Transcendental Functions» Section:
   8.1. «https://people.eecs.berke-/» must be
 9. The same as above ↑↑ in «INTERACTIVE MODE» Section.
10. The same as above ↑↑ in «TTY MODE» Section.
11. Broken Link in «BUGS» Section:
  11.1. «https://git.yzena.com/gavin/bc.» must be
«HTTPS://Git.Yzena.Com/gavin/bc»?     # No Last PoInt «.» in HyperLink, It must
stay just in Page Text, out of «<A HRef="…">» String.
All this ReMarks are not Critical, but can Help to Improve Quality of FreeBSD
                                Thank You for Attention, Best Regards,
P.S. I tried to Mail This to <FreeBSD-Doc<It is a Dog?>FreeBSD.Org>, but «the
Mlmmj program» rejected My Letter, so I decided to Post It Here.

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