Revisiting the section 4 manual pages loader.conf boilerplate language?

From: Pau Amma <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2022 23:41:07 UTC
Currently, 3 section 4 manual pages say to use kld_list in rc.conf for 
loading: acpi_video(4), iwlwifi(4), and rtw88(4). Contrasting this with 
367 following share/examples/mdoc/example.4's lead and instructing to 
use loader(8)-time loading, the current approach appears to be: 
loader(8)-time unless it needs rc(8)-time loading (explicitly 
discouraged for iwlwifi(4) and rtw88(4), which say to rely on 
devmatch(8) if at all possible). However, this may not be the best idea, 


      kld_list    (str) A list of kernel modules to load right after the 
                  disks are mounted.  Loading modules at this point in 
the boot
                  process is much faster than doing it via 
                  for those modules not necessary for mounting local 

devmatch(8) itself, as already mentioned, which aims to make explicit 
loading (either way) unnecessary in most cases;

several Freenode^WLibera #freebsd discussions, in at least one of which 
kevans stated that rc(8) loading was much safer, especially for large 
modules or drivers.

So I think the default suggestion should be changed from loader.conf to 
rc.conf, or maybe to; devmatch preferred, or rc.conf if not an option.


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