Quotes around the .Nd argument in 1/6 of manual pages

From: Pau Amma <pauamma_at_gundo.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2022 09:13:54 UTC
The examples in 
use quotes around the .Nd argument, but only about 1/6 of actual manual 
pages (outside contrib/) use them:

~/FreeBSD/src% git grep -E '^\.Nd "[^ ]* ' | grep -v -E '^contrib/' | wc 
-l # .Nd "foo bar"
~/FreeBSD/src% git grep -E '^\.Nd [^"][^ ]* ' | grep -v -E '^contrib/' | 
wc -l # .Nd baz quux
~/FreeBSD/src% git grep -E '^\.Nd ' | grep -v -E '^contrib/' | wc -l # 

Unless some manual pages need the quotes or there are other reasons to 
keep them, I'm planning -to align the manual pages to the quoteless form 
and adjust the FDP primer accordingly. Opinions?

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French: il/le/lui (iel/iel and ielle/ielle OK)
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