[Bug 258264] Following handbook on nvidia drivers makes system get stuck on boot.

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Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2022 16:27:01 UTC

Sean Farley <scf@FreeBSD.org> changed:

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--- Comment #15 from Sean Farley <scf@FreeBSD.org> ---
From a discussion I had awhile back after the MFC of

> I have run into an issue with this change on my workstation running
> 12-STABLE.  It prevents the boot from going further than posting the
> "EFI framebuffer information" section if I load the nvidia driver and
> cpu_microcode (intel-ucode.bin) firmware.  Removing either from
> loader.conf gets it past that point.
> If the Intel firmware loads after nvidia, I see an additional message
> printed twice:
>      efi_check_space: Unable to expand staging area
> I can work around this by loading either of those drivers from
> /etc/rc.conf, but is this something of concern?  For my workstation, I
> prefer loading both from the loader.  It is best to have the microcode
> update loaded as early as possible.  It is also nice to have the nvidia
> driver to panic early, if it does, so graid does not have to rebuild the
> volume.

It becomes an either/or between VMware and Nvidia.  For myself, I rebuild the
kernel anyway, so I just reverted it locally.  I have tested against the 13.0
loader.efi without success.  It has been awhile since I checked if there is
newer code that fixes it.

Obviously, this method is not something that should be in the handbook yet
could help people who come across this issue.

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