[Bug 261039] The /search/ page is useful, but obscure

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2022 11:55:49 UTC

--- Comment #3 from Graham Perrin <grahamperrin@gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Graham Perrin from comment #0)

> … I have no idea how I got there; …

Ah, probably via <https://www.freebsd.org/projects/newbies/>, the second of the
two 'search' links under 'Questions and Support'. 

As a side note, I almost never clicked the 'New to FreeBSD?' button, at the
home page, because I used PC-BSD and TrueOS (and so, largely avoided the
FreeBSD site) for years before I switched to installing FreeBSD. I never
thought of myself as new. 

Back on topic: I reckon, there should be an unmistakable link from the home
page, to the search page.

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