[Bug 268100] 13.1's loader.efi is not able to find a ZFS pool if it was checkpointed on 12.3

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2022 18:49:58 UTC

--- Comment #2 from ml@netfence.it ---
(In reply to Warner Losh from comment #1)

First off, there are no "characteristics of the ZFS snapshot": we are talking
about "zpool checkpoint", not "zfs snap".

I have no idea on why loader.efi can't boot from a checkpointed ZFS pool: 
I only saw the message above ("can not read checkpoint data").

I don't have the original problematic pool anymore: it was a production server
and I needed to boot it ASAP, so I just issued "zpool checkpoint -d" (that is,
as soon as I relized what the problem was).
I guess, in order to recreate the situation, procedure would be: install 12.3
UEFI+ZFS, checkpoint, upgrade to 13.1 (maybe upgrading boot loader is enough).
The only thing I could add is it was a zraid5 pool (3 disks); not sure it

Importance is "less than bulk" to me: it would have saved me three hours of
spreading panic if I had known; now I'll simply check if a checkpoint exists
before upgrading (or, if I forget, boot from an USB key and remove it later).
My only goal was to let other people know, so maybe they won't be hit so hard
by this.

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