Conventions for FreeBSD manual pages

From: Graham Perrin <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2022 06:46:54 UTC
Please: does FreeBSD have anything like the Linux manual page for 


I can't find one.


For years, I assumed that SEE ALSO sections were disorderly.

For example:

* expecting a–z (alphabetical order)

* finding ne, sy, se, at et cetera (disorderly) under

Today I discovered that there is, at least for Linux, a convention to sort:

* first, by the section number (secondary)

* second, by the name of the page, which appears first.

I do see some logic to this, however – without first knowing the 
convention – I never found it helpful. The apparent disorder was unhelpful.

Whenever I look for a named thing, in a long string of names, with the 
intention of clicking (a link): I expect alphabetical order, by name.