[Bug 252893] handbook: reference to outdated samba "security = shared" setting

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Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2022 03:58:22 UTC

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--- Comment #1 from PauAmma <pauamma@gundo.com> ---
Is this still applicable? Current User Handbook language leads me to think it
was fixed (but the "map to guest" one may still need to be added): Security Settings
The most important settings in /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf are the security model
and the backend password format. These directives control the options:

The most common settings are security = share and security = user. If the
clients use usernames that are the same as their usernames on the FreeBSD
machine, user level security should be used. This is the default security
policy and it requires clients to first log on before they can access shared

In share level security, clients do not need to log onto the server with a
valid username and password before attempting to connect to a shared resource.
This was the default security model for older versions of Samba.

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