Re: Use make to only build new files in the documentation

From: Rocky Hotas <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 21:17:38 UTC
On nov 14 16:14, Jindong Li wrote:
> hmm guys i'm kind of new to this, if I was going to apply this change
> (since it appears already committed?), what would I need to do? :)

I'm not sure I understood what you mean. Did you modify a file of the
documentation in your local repository? If this is the case, only
some authorized users (committers) can actually apply a change which is
visibile in the public repository:


You can suggest your modification through this Mailing List (so that the
committers can see it and evaluate it); or, if it's a correction to some
error in the existing documentation, you can submit it as an attachment
to a bug report, following the guidelines to create it: