Re: Use make to only build new files in the documentation

From: Rocky Hotas <>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 21:11:43 UTC
On nov 14 19:46, Sergio Carlavilla wrote:
> Hi Rocky,
> You have two options here.
> First option is to build the documentation only with one language.
> For example, to build only the english language use:
> make run DOC_LANG="en"
> In the second option you can go to the folder of the modified document and run:
> asciidoctor _index.adoc
> Let me know if this helps you.
> PS: In my laptop, building all the documents in English took 1'5
> minutes. I'm using a Thinkpad X200.

Thank you for the suggestions. Building with English only is
significantly faster, I'm on an old `Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU' with 2
cores, but it takes about less than 3 minutes to build. This is ok!

I also tried with `asciidoctor _index.adoc', but it didn't work:

% asciidoctor _index.adoc                              
asciidoctor: ERROR: _index.adoc: line 11: level 0 sections can only be used when doctype is book

and this occurs if _index.adoc is related to an article (for example
documentation/content/en/articles/rc-scripting) or a Handbook chapter
(a subdirectory of documentation/content/en/books/handbook).

However, if Hugo's internal webserver is active (after a `make run'),
and I modify a _index.adoc file (and save it), it gets updated also as a
webpage, so I can instantly browse the updated contents. This is great
and may be another solution.

Thank you!