[Bug 121440] rc(8) and rcorder(8) unclear about PROVIDE keyword being mandatory

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Date: Sun, 30 May 2021 21:51:01 UTC

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--- Comment #6 from Paul Scott <pscott@skycoast.us> ---
I experienced this issue when I added a new service.

My service would start and stop manually, but would not start during boot
process. I lost hours of my day figuring out why.

rcorder(8) states: "A file may contain zero `PROVIDE' lines, in which case it
provides no conditions."

rc(8) states: "Each script should contain rcorder(8) keywords, especially an
appropriate "PROVIDE" entry, and if necessary "REQUIRE" and "BEFORE" keywords.”

To my mind, rcorder(8)'s wording implies PROVIDE is optional, while rc(8)'s
wording only suggests the importance of PROVIDE but does not discuss the
ramifications of leaving it off as rcorder(8) clearly states may be done.

The solution here is to unambiguously state in rcorder(8) that the rc system
(boot time) will steadfastly refuse to start a service that has no PROVIDE
entry, even while a manual start will work.

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