MLMMJ Mail Archives to Update Coverage on bit0 rsync

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 22:13:15 UTC
rsync -nHaxi

The new MLMMJ list cluster needs updated to
continue dumping mbox archives into the
rsync module of the above rsync instance.
Right now as each list converts from former
Mailman listserv instance to MLMMJ listserv instance,
coverage of each respective list on bit0 becomes broken.

MLMMJ archives don't necessarily have to be backmerge
concatenated by hand into the Mailman files above,
a new separate module hierarchy sourced from
the new MLMMJ listserv instance of raw mboxes
could be synchronized over to bit0 for distribution
and download by users and mirrors. Perhaps under
a new subdirectory of the existing module, or a new
module name. Many ways to do it.

These full raw archives docs in mbox form are a very
useful resource for new users to sync and import all the
history into their mail clients for reading the back
conversations of the lists they like, enabling full text
search using their favorite local mail client search
tools for threads and strings of interest, etc.
Users can even, in conjunction with paths configured
in their mail client, sync the entire hier of all lists
of interest, thus having the latest threads
appear automagically in their mail client for reading
without needing to tediously subscribe to and manage
all the lists of interest or depend on mail delivery problems.

The bit0 service is documented here among other places,
and its use cases, example rsync command, etc
could be further added to handbook etc...