All web FAQ hash links to HandBook broken

From: Javier <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2021 15:23:41 UTC

Any link pointing to HandBook from FAQ web page pointing to a hash
(#) do not work.

They just open the HandBook index page at the top as it lacks anchors
with name attributes (said deprecated) or id attributes.

It could be as simple to fix as adding an id attribute to each link
in HandBook tree where the value is the hash of that tree entry, if it
has one.

Example, from FAQ page, a link pointing to:

Should point to this item:
<a href=eresources/#eresources-mail>Mailing Lists</a>

That should actually look like this in the source code to work:

<a href="eresources/#eresources-mail" id="eresources-mail">Mailing

I think this is the easiest way to fix it. The hard would be to point
to the exact section and exact hash/position on that page.

There are other errors with links such:

That do not point to anywhere..., maybe should point to
#current-stable or whatever, with the same procedure fix.