[Bug 268668] x11-themes/classiclooks unduly force fontconfig antialias settings

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2023 21:42:46 UTC

--- Comment #11 from Bertrand Petit <bsdpr@phoe.frmug.org> ---
(In reply to J.R. Oldroyd from comment #10)
Root defaults for all parameters are provided by the library itself.
Configuration files in conf.d are intended to override those root defaults,
specifically, to provide system-wide defaults (up to files numebred 49), and
then to fine tune some parameters for common fonts (files numbered from 59 to
99). All of those files are optional, we can run fontconfig without any of
them, no dire effect will be observed. As a summary you can read
/usr/local/etc/fonts/conf.d/README, the full documentation is located in

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